Wednesday, December 30, 2009

On a visit to Uganda...

For those of you who have not YET visited Uganda, I figured I would give you a taste of what life here is like and what you could expect to find as a visitor to this country.
Wherever you go people will say, 'You are welcome'! As in, 'you are welcome to our country', 'you are welcome to my home', etc...
Gorgeous chocolate children everywhere!
The people are friendly and hospitable when you visit their homes; you will be served both food and drink, whatever they have they will provide for their honored guest
Hair Salons here are called Saloons
You can buy a large pineapple for about a dollar in the market
Most electronics sold here are cheaply made and not of good quality, and the quality ones, rare as they are, will cost you a fortune
While sitting in a taxi or a bus you can buy a variety of items from street vendors through the windows; water, fruit, chapatis (fried bread), jewelry, bedsheets, shoes, and the list goes on...
Everywhere you go people tell you Gyebale (pronounced Jebalay) - meaning, 'well done'. You may be just walking out of your house in the morning and already people are telling you 'well done' before you've even accomplished anything!
Everywhere you go, as a white person, you hear people calling out 'Muzungu' - Swahili for white person. When you're in the more rural areas, kids will get so excited to see your light skin and jump up and down screaming 'Muzungu'. If you give them attention, you'll make their week!
On the streets or by the roadside you can buy a multitude of things roasted; roasted bananas, roasted casava, roasted maise
Driving in Uganda feels much like playing a video game, with all the obstacles to avoid; people walking, potholes everywhere, motorbikes weaving in and out of traffic
The steering wheel is on the opposite side of the car and you drive on the opposite side of the road (from Canada) - something to get used to!
Speed bumps are called 'Humps'
There are no stop lights or stop signs in Jinja and no speed limit - basically no rules on the road!
It isn't a rare sight to see chickens in (or on) a taxi. Yesterday I saw about 6 chickens tied to the top of a taxi (taxis are vans that are supposed to fit about 12 people but usually are jam packed with about 15 or 16 people instead)
Most people don't wear deoderant (imagine this with the last point - 15 people in a taxi on a hot day!)
Boda Boda's are everywhere - motorcycle or bicycles that you pay for to get a ride on the back
Almost anything and everything is carried on a boda boda - a few years ago i even saw someone carrying a COUCH that way!
Leopard is pronouced LEE O PARD
Men like their women with big hips and bums here - in fact, people feel sorry for someone who has no hips or bum and most men are proud to have women with this type of figure . There are even pills that 'supposedly' help a person to develop this type of figure. When you see clothes on display on the streets they are on frames with HUGE hips. For the first time in my life I'm grateful for the hips I've been given. Ha ha...
99 percent of the movies and music you can buy here are pirated - some of which are the ones that were filmed right in the movie theatre
The main languages spoken here are Luganda and English, however there are many other tribal languages spoken in each district
The land here is FERTILE; mangoes, bananas, pineapple, matooke, casava, cabbage, dodo, onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, sweet potatoes/potatoes, avocados, beans etc... basically whatever you put in the ground will grow...
Posho and beans is the staple food here... posho is ground maise that is boiled into a thick porridge-like substance that people eat with their hands, it has no taste, it is basically a filler food to eat with beans
Their peanuts are slightly different and called G-nuts (ground nuts)
Music - you'll mostly hear hip hop - some Ugandan, some North American and other very random music artists such as Dolly Parton, Celine Dione and Boney M Christmas songs
Ugandan music videos - all hip hop and rap music with the camera constantly zooming in on girls shaking their booty. Something to note is that the girls in the music videos are all shapes and sizes, there are thinner yet curvy girls as well as round, full figured women... a good realistic picture of real people!
That is but a taste of Uganda and a few things you might see or experience here...
Let me know if you're planning to visit! I promise you, you'll love it here!

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  1. Thanks for bringing me to Uganda! Enjoy your chocolate babies and post more ;) I'll live my "Africa" dreams through you for now!