Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Years!

New Years Eve was great! I went out to dinner with a friend... to a restaurant where the music was WAY too loud. There was a competition between the Indian and Ugandan parties at the restaurant! Apparently the louder the better! Another reminder as to where I am!
Later on in the evening i got together with a few people here to just thank God for all that He has done this past year in all of our lives and to pray for the year ahead. I love listening to the testimonies of my Ugandan brothers and sisters. The things they thank God for most people in the Western world take for granted. 'I praise God because though i have missed a few meals here and there, most of the time I have had a meal to eat', 'I thank God for health, i only had malaria one time this year', I thank God that somehow i'm able to still rent this room though i often don't know where the money will come from' (and this is a room, not a whole house!), 'I thank God for his provision with school fees that he just provided day by day'. It is humbling to listen to. I had many things to thank God for for this year, the fact that i lost my job because I would not be here in Africa if i hadn't, the fact that before i got laid off i was able to go to Brazil (a country i really desired to visit), and that i was able to lead a team on my own as well (to Brazil) before i left that job. I realize how spoiled I am with the opportunities God has given me! The fact is... we have a lot to be thankful for, for life and the freedom to make decisions about our life, especially in North America, to have family when so many people don't (I for one am thankful for the family I have), for health and eyesight (this comes from someone i met yesterday who mysteriously went blind).
Most born again Christians in Uganda gather together to pray on New Years Eve, many from the villages save money for a long time for the transport to come to churches in the city for this very occasion, and many pray and sing and worship through the whole night. Talk about dependence on God! We have something to learn about faith...
Anyway, hope your New Years was wonderful (whoever is reading this!). Happy 2010, i can hardly believe it is here!
Love always,

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