Friday, December 11, 2009

9 little pairs of shoes...

Yesterday another girl, Olivia, and I took 9 of the Sonrise kids for a walk. Two adults for 9 children is NOT enough!!! This one wandering this way, this one with his pants down peeing on the ground, this one climbing on big rocks, another one sitting on the ground because his shoe fell off. Ha ha ha! We were quite a sight I'm sure. We had to sing children's songs to keep the kids focused as we attempted our walk.
I'm enjoying each day here... life is different, to be sure. Today i spent 2 hours washing my clothes by hand and then felt constrained to my house waiting for them to dry on the clothes line... you don't dare leave them outside when you leave your house because there's a good chance you will not have any clothes when you return!
Tomorrow I'm going to Masindi, a province in the far Western part of Uganda. I have never been there before but a boy i've known for years from the orphanage (Bob) has family that lives in the village there and I am going with him to meet them, and to surprise his younger brother who i have not yet seen here. I'm sure it will be an incredible time!
As for Rays of Hope, Francis went to Kaberamaido yesterday and today is looking at pieces of land for the ministry. Already, by text he has told me that the first piece he saw looked perfect, but he is still continuing to look. Please pray that the Lord leads him to the right place and that all the details will fall into place. It is a tricky thing here, buying land!
My address...
For those of you who wanted to know... You can send me mail to Francis' mailbox which is as follows.
Karen Hulowski (c/o Francis Okullo)
Box 1033, Jinja, Uganda, East Africa
That is all you need! Be sure that if you send anything that you send it via AIRMAIL otherwise, i can guarantee you that i will never see it!
Well, love you all, thanks for reading and keeping up with my life out here, half a world away!

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