Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas in Uganda...

Christmas was a little different this year. This was my first time spending Christmas away from my family in Saskatchewan. There was no snow, but heat and rain instead. All of December did not feel like Christmas was coming at all, except that there is a lot more theft in the area, ironic isn't it?! Until two days before there was no sign of it... rarely would you see a sign in a shop window announcing the holiday to come, no decorations in the street, and to buy a Christmas tree you needed to wait until just a couple days before.
I did buy a cut tree to decorate (for about two dollars) and spent the evening of the 23rd decorating it with Joel, (the one everyone refers to as my son, though he is 19 - because I sponsored him for many years). We popped popcorn and strung it together on dental floss and i bought a few other decorations for the tree as well.
Christmas was nice... i had a few people over for a huge meal that Francis and I prepared and we had a small gift exchange game (something they had never done before), and then I went to another Christmas gathering in the evening.
Not much new to report for now... Life is good and I'm looking forward to my mom visiting in just 2 weeks time!!! I and others are so anxious for her to come!

I have wanted to update my blog for days now... but the internet at times is sooo slow. I sat in the internet cafe the other day for 25 minutes and couldn't even get my inbox on facebook to open... one of the challenges of life in Africa! I'm praying for another laptop so i could do email from home with a mobile internet stick. Please also pray with me for this. It was quite a discouragement to have mine stolen and to be limited with my contact with people from home.

Well, thanks for reading and keeping up with my life.
Love always,

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