Thursday, July 15, 2010

June/July news...

That is something that I am realizing more and more that, as a Christian, especially living in Africa, that I have to give up...
Loss of control regarding personal space. Even sometimes when you need the alone time, culturally speaking, you can't tell people, even in a friendly way, to go away. Loss of control in issues of finances and knowing where they'll come from. It is difficult not having a normal 'job' to depend on for a steady paycheck. Loss of control in owning my own things, for example, the car and computer I use are shared. Never before have I had to share these types of things and not be able to claim them as my own. Loss of control in regards to timing (things are often NOT done in a timely manner here or in the timing we hope for). And realizing, as we all do, as Christians, that I really don't have much control in regards to what happens in my future. HOWEVER, I know the ONE who has the control. Anxiety is caused by feeling out of control, and more so, if you don't trust fully the ONE who is in control. But God is trustworthy. He knows and He cares. He knows me better than I know myself. He knows the ministry we're involved in more than Francis or I do, and has a bigger plan and dream than we do for it.
It has been quite a month.
I have attended 2 burials this month. The first was for a grandma to some boys I know here. They don't have parents, and that grandma was one of the last living people who truly CARED for them in their family. It was a terribly sad loss, knowing that some of those boys now don't know where they will even spend their Christmas'.
Last weekend as well, we lost 18 year old Joyce. She grew up in the Good Shepherd's Fold orphanage (where I used to volunteer). Joyce had HIV from the time she was born, the only child in her family to contract it. The last few months Joyce's health has really been going downhill, and recently, it seems that her spirit just gave in and gave up. She lapsed into a coma a couple of weeks ago, and last Thursday night (Friday morning) she went home. The funeral was touching, sad, and yet hopeful, as we all know that Joyce knew and loved Jesus deeply. What a comfort that she is now at his side. Joyce was a caring, servant-hearted 18 year old girl whose main aim in life was to make others' happy and share Jesus' through her love and care. Please continue to pray for her siblings who are missing her dearly.
After a few visits to Kampala this last week and some complications, it seems that my last visa for Uganda is finally coming through. I will continue to pray about it until I have my passport back in my hand with a visa in it (should have it on Monday).
Francis also made a trip to Kenya this week and has applied for his Canadian visa. We're really praying that God's favor would be with him and that he'd get it on his first try.
Rays of Hope for Uganda
The building we will be starting the school in is finally FINISHED, other than the doors and windows being installed... but we are excited to head back up to Kaberamaido finally to get things going. The plan is to go next week if all goes as we hope (including sewing of school uniforms being completed). Francis and I have talked and decided that since the school year is well under way for other schools we are just going to start a few beginner type classes right away for the kids to learn things like basic English and math and when we return in January next year then we will start up the more complete school program.
Bible study
What a blessing every Thursday night is. It usually takes me most of the day to clean the house and prepare snacks, but every Thursday night we come away feeling encouraged and built up. I am grateful for all the people who continue to attend the bible study and the way we truly feel like family, carrying one another's burdens and lifting up our needs to God together. Last week we broke the record for attendees and had 19 people! It is encouraging to see young people desiring to seek the Lord and putting aside that time for Him.
I will end for now...
As always, our ministry, 'Rays of Hope for Uganda', continues to need your support, in prayer, encouragement, finances, and any other way you desire to assist us. I want to thank those who, especially recently, have been sending notes of encouragement and who are displaying such an eagerness to get involved with what we're doing. We thank you, pray for you and bless you in Jesus' name.
Again, here is the address if you desire to give. Cheques should be written out to 'Rays of Hope for Uganda' or you can call my mom and make the donation on your credit card.
Her number is 306-763-5626. All gifts given will be issued a tax receipt.

Mail Cheques to:

Joanna Hulowski
RR5 site 23 box 165
Prince Albert, SK
S6V 5R3