Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Chickens, chickens, chickens!!!

So every morning (Kev, you would understand this), i wake up to chickens squawking outside my window... and then yesterday went in my kitchen and looked out my window to see chickens tearing apart my garbage! Ha ha ha, dogs and raccoons aren't the problem here, it is chickens!!!
And then this morning, i walk in my living room and low and behold, what do i find between my couches, a chicken!!! Ha ha ha... it had crawled through the bars on my door and got in, so i had to shoo it out.
Life is different to be sure...
Just wanted to bring a smile and a laugh to anyone who happened to read this post.
Have a blessed day my friends!


  1. That's awesome karen...I would venture to say you are probably all ready sick of squwaking chickens seeing as they wake you up! Keep all the updates coming. I love to hear about your everyday lifet there and what God is doing!! Praying for ya. Jody

  2. We are listening Karen and placing you in our prayers. I'll be sharing your blog with others. Hugs from the Mother of a certain Bride.

  3. oh you will get use to them, I totally here you on them, though haven't had one in my house yet!