Monday, November 30, 2009

Dear friends,

Wow, so much to tell you, i don't even know where to begin...

My first two weeks in Uganda have been a mixture of emotions...

On first arriving in this country, I immediately felt at home and at peace to be here once again. You know that feeling you get when everything just feels right, those are the emotions that overwhelmed me even as i arrived.

My little house, being new, was getting the finishing touches done on it my first few days here so I had to stay in a guesthouse for the first week, but now I am finally all moved in and feeling comfortable and at home. My friend Francis did such an amazing job finding me this house and getting me a few things to furnish it. We both believe that it was God-directed that he was led to this little house. It is in a quieter area of Jinja town and hidden behind another big house so, from the road, you would never really know it was there. I am thankful for this place i can call home for the next 10 months at least...

I have visited Caring Place Ministry a couple of times so far (the home for Street kids my friend Francis manages), but have spent more of my time at Sonrise Babies Home that my friend Damali has started. From even the first few days i have just felt privileged to know the people i know here and to be able to serve alongside my Ugandan brothers and sisters. I really feel like i hit the jackpot when it comes to knowing amazing people in Uganda. God has blessed me with many special visits from old friends, my sponsor kid and other loved ones and still there are many people i have yet to see!

And I feel privileged as well just to be able to work right alongside the Ugandan people, this also brings me great joy, i believe that they know better how to care for their own people than someone from North America ever could understand. Damali said it well one night when she mentioned to me that these babies that they are caring for are just as much like their little brothers and sisters as their children, as her and most of the volunteers at the home all grew up in the orphanage I volunteered at previously. Compassion and understanding truly is born out of personal experience and struggle.

All has not been easy, even in this short time i have already been here... there have been some challenges and struggles even to this point, one of which was my laptop being stolen out of my friend's house, along with his laptop... and on the very day that i was moving into my house!!! The sad and disappointing thing is that we are suspecting that someone who knows him may have been involved with it... someone who would know that we were planning to be out of the house at exactly that time. I guess it is a wake-up call that this is Africa... sometimes you never know what to expect. Francis has since moved out of that house with his brothers and into another place.

Tomorrow Francis is going up to the Kaberamaido district to look at some pieces of land to purchase for Rays of Hope. Pray for him that God would direct him to the right piece that He has chosen for this ministry.
Please also pray for protection from the enemy... i have seen the results of the enemy trying to discourage even in this past week... there have been many things happening and I need strength to move forward and to have guidance with all that God would have me do here.

Please pray for my car to sell in Canada so i can get rid of my remaining debt. My friend Sarah has graciously offered to sell it for me but still it has not sold.

Please pray for finances for me. Prices have increased dramatically since i was last here and my money right now is very tight. Pray that God would supply for my needs each month that i am here and so i can also help to supply for the needs of others as well.

I thank each of you for your friendship, and please continue to keep in touch letting me know all that is happening in your lives.
I love you all so dearly.
Karen Hulowski

For those who would like to begin donating money for me please send a cheque written out to 'Rays of Hope for Uganda' to my mom Joanna Hulowski. On a separate piece of paper mention that it is designated for me.
(RR5 site 23 box 165, Prince Albert, SK, S6V 5R3) Tax receipts will be issued for any amount given.
Thank you again for being interested in my life. I will try to keep you up-to-date more regularly from here on in.