Saturday, January 9, 2010

Caring Place...

This week I spent a couple days with the boys from Caring Place (a home for kids who used to be on the streets). What amazing boys they are! Every visitor that comes to see them they each greet with a hug. It doesn't matter if you visit them 3 times in the same day you still get 3 hugs from all the boys. Who wouldn't love that?!
My mom flies in tonight finally... I look forward to taking her around and showing her all that is new in this place since the last time she visited with me in 2006.
Not much more to say for now. It will be a busy next few weeks...


  1. Enjoy your visit from your mom! How long are you there for ... did you move there permanently or just for an extended visit?

  2. Hey Steena,
    I'm here until September and then will return to Canada for a couple months , then, after that, i'm planning to come back again... my length of time here is yet undetermined. :)