Thursday, February 25, 2010

More chicken tales (just for laughs)

Some people have a dog in their yard. I have chickens. You know how people say that if you feed an animal it will love you. That statement is completely TRUE... even with chickens! The whole family of chicken; the hens, the chicks and the rooster follow me to the gate some days when I am going into town (a bit of a farewell i guess)... and sometimes i hear the rooster's footsteps running behind me, just like any other pet would. Kind of reminds me of a puppy actually... Who knew?! They hang around my door, and when i carry out the garbage they are right on my tail following behind to get their special treat. With the exception of the rooster crowing at odd times throughout the day, in competition with the neighbor's rooster, i think I'm rather starting to warm up to the little creatures. :)